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925-809-7550 x4024


Spelling City Instructions

When you get to Spelling City:

1. Hover over the Search tab near the top left & select Schools. 

2. In the Search Criteria section, which is in the big blue box, type "Timber Point, CA" - hit the search button.

3.Click on Timber Point Elementary (which will pop up under the blue search box)

4. Select Mrs Goelz – you’ll find the name in 2 places – above the school name next to Teacher in the Recently Visited section or below where it says Registered Teachers  (Don't go to Lisa Goelz - that has 1st grade words)

5. Scroll down to the list of Spelling & Vocab words.  Because of the way the lists were put in we will start with the bottom of the page & work our way up.


**You can also use the Spelling City app & go to Mrs Goelz

Mrs. Goelz's 2nd Grade Class


Classroom News




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