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Mrs. York's Fourth Grade

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All About Us

Welcome to I-26 Fourth Grade!!

Spelling City Directions

When you get to Spelling City:

1. Hover over the Search tab near the top left & select Schools. 

2. In the Search Criteria section, which is in the big blue box, type "Timber Point, CA" - hit the search button.

3.Click on Timber Point Elementary (which will pop up under the blue search box)

4. Select Mrs Goelz – you’ll find the name in 2 places – above the school name next to Teacher in the Recently Visited section or below where it says Registered Teachers

5. Scroll down to the list of Spelling & Vocab words.  Because of the way the lists were put in we will start with Akiak Theme 1.1 on the bottom of the page.

Current Assignments


Math: Students will be assigned a worksheet Monday through Thursday

Spelling and Vocabulary:  Students will be asked to study spelling words or vocabulary words every week. Students are tested on those words on Friday. Their homework consists of...

Spelling homework                  

Write each word in cursive two times

Write down 5 words with the same spelling pattern 

Go on Spelling city or type each word

Take a practice spelling test

Vocabulary Homework

Write the definition of each word

Write a sentence for five of the words, that shows you understand the definition of the word

Look for multiple meaning words and write the next definition